VMIT Working Procedure Guideline
Per Decision of Managing Board of Directors Meeting, August, 18, 2001

Chapter 1 General
Section 1
For the purpose of reinforcing the organization and strengthen the management, this guideline is prepared from the 22nd regulation of this committee and referenced from the "Social Workers Management" policy of the Ministry of Interior.
Section 2
The word, staff that was used in this guideline means any employee that was hired for business, account and administration purpose.
Section 3
Every event of every organization in this committee should follow the rules of this guideline.

Chapter 2 the Staff
Section 4
The member of staff will include a general secretary, 2 to 3 vice general secretaries, 1-3 secretaries, and 1-2 accountants. Any other employee if needed, whether it is part time or full time will be suggested by the chairman of the committee and then after the approval of the committee, it should be reported to the management. The duty and the position of the extra staff should follow the guidelines of "Staff Working Hand Book".
Section 5
Beneath is a list of the terms that should be considered seriously when hiring the potential employee; if an employee who has been hired already and also consist any of the terms listed below, he or she should be let off immediately:
1. One that has a criminal charge and has been penalized with sentences, and has not started or not completed yet. This does not include those who are under probation.
2. One who is sentenced as criminal behavior correction, and has not started or not completed yet.
3. One who has filed bankruptcy and has not built up enough credit since the discharge.
4. One who is under asset freezing declaration and the declaration is not withdrawn yet.
Section 6
The new hired should all be under the age of 65 and should not be related to the chairman of the committee, this includes the spouse, siblings, cousins and etc...However, this does not include those who were hired before the inauguration of the new chairman.
Section 7
The salary or the benefit of the Professional staffs should be considered and approved under the concern of the financial situation by the committee along with the agreement of the members' representatives; the salary of the part-time staff will be determined by the committee, the total amount of the salary in an one month period of a part-time employee should not exceed 1/3 of a full-time employee who has similar job description.
Section 8
The staff should follow the rules below when doing their duties:
1. Always do your best and follow guidelines from the handbook and the regulation of the committee.
2. Do not divulgate any of the undisclosed information.
3. He or she should be honest and respective, should not make any trouble that would damage the reputation of this organization.
4. When working, he or she should always take the responsibility of his or her own job; there should be any criticizing between colleagues.
5. The properties of the committee should always be kept in the organization and used during work; never should one bring anything home for personal use.
6. When keeping any valuable property of the committee such as money, the staff should concentrate and take the full responsibility, he or she should not lend anything to any people (include him or herself)
7. When quitting or transferring to other job, he or she should finish the current duty.
8. When doing a project that is assigned by the government, he or she should pay extra attention and finish it before the deadline.
If any of the staffs violates any of the above terms, the committed will discipline accordingly, through fines or further investigate by the police or justice department.
Section 9
The hour of this committee is the same as many of government organizations, professional staff should follow the rules of the Standard Labor Law for absences or days off. The attendance will be taken as a reference to the committee for bonus, commendation or contract extension purpose.
Section 10
Only under the approval of the chairman and the committed with sufficient proofs or facts can one be lay off from the job. When laying off the General Secretary, one should report to the management (hereafter referred as Board of Directors) first; when laying off other staffs, one should report to the management afterward for notification. One who quits with personal reason or has been fired by the organization should submit the resignation related material immediately and return any of the properties belong to the organization. Upon completing, the management will issue certificate of resignation.
Section 11
Regarding the insurance, lat off, retirement or consolation of the employee, the committee will discuss further details before the second annual meeting.

Chapter 3 Administration Procedure
Section 12
Before the end of September each year, every department should prepare a budget proposal and a project plan to turn into the Institute for revision. And then alter any necessary parts before the end of October to prepare for the approval or the committee and the representatives of members.
Section 13
When preparing a budget, it is best to set a 20% profit goal(that is, the earning should be 20 % higher than the expense), so the profit can be used to support the Institute on putting up important events, meetings and other affairs.
Section 14
Every person that is required to attain, Board of Directors Meeting, Board of Inspection Meeting, or each committee will be paid NT500 everyday from the yearly budget; the attendance paid out for department meeting should not exceed NT20000 every year. (effected from 2002)
Section 15
When performing assigned tasks, each department or unit should fill out a "Advance payment application" form, after the approval, the budget will be given?on the 10th or the 25th or each months. Please fill out?and turn it the "Advance payment application" form at least 10 days before the starting date of the project or assigned tasks. The accountant of the Institute will keep track on the spending progress of the budget till the completion of the assigned tasks.
Section 16
When there is a necessity of prepaying expenses out of?units or departments' own pocket, the "Work Payment Application" should be filled out and turn in with the receipt immediately. After the approval, the funds will be given within one week. Funds that are under NT$5000 will be given in cash.
Section 17
Expense for domestic business trip, including hotel, flight, and miscellanous expanse should be reported accurately with receipt for reimbursement (Hotel cost should not exceed NT$1600 each day, Flight cost should be equivilant to the cost of economy class).
Section 18
Expense for International business trip, including hotel, flight, and miscellanous expanse should be applied before the travel date, and will be dispensed according to the economy and financial situation of the travel destination. The Institute will also subsidize US$50 to every person each day for event cost.
Section 19
When assigned to promote, represent the Institute to attend events of International Value Engineering Management Organization, after completing the assignment, one would be subsidized no more than NT$3000 everyday (In a total no more than NT$20000).

Chapter 3 Membership ID
Section 20---Apply for the Membership
1. After the completion of the application, new member will receive a temporary number (ex: 01001, the first two number is the year, and the last three number represents the series number), After approval of the committee, new member can pay the membership fee and receive an official membership ID.
2. The membership ID number is formed according to the following rules.
Ex: 01P0001
01 means the year in which the person became a member.
"P" represents individual member, "T" represents Group member, "F" represents Lifetime member, "A" represents Sponsor member, "H" represents Honors member, and "S" represents Student member.
The last four digits are the series number; as for the Group member, the first three numerical digit after "T"(group member) are the series number, the last digitwould be the extension number. .
3. Sponsor and Honors Members will awarded with a framed special edition membership certificate. Other members will be awarded with other identifications or certificates to perform assigned tasks. Before each year's Annual Meeting, every member will be reevaluated again for qualification purpose, if they are still qualified they can keep their status and will be listed on the Membership Manual.
Section 21---Membership fee Discount
To encourage similar interest social groups and business to join, the committee has also provided promotions and discount to welcome newcomers.
1. Student and educational organization are free to join.
2. 5 or more people in an organization applied at the same time can have a 20% discount on both the membership fee and first year joining fee; 10 or more people joined together at the same time can have a 30% discount on both the membership fee and first year joining fee.
3. If one applied for membership after the month of July(before the year end), he or she would not have to pay for the current year membership fee, however, he or she would have to prepay for the next year's membership fee.
Section 22---Miscellaneous
1. One had been thrown out of the Institute, later has been approved by the committee for rejoin, he or she still needs to pay for the first year joining fee.
2. Student members should be reevaluated every year for the student status before the due date of the membership fee.
3. Members who participate in the events hosted by the Institute can have a 10% discount; Members who qualifies as two kinds of membership (member who is also included in a social or business group membership) can have a 20% discount on any of the events hosted by the Institute. Members who have discount coupons can used them for discount no more than 30% off the original event cost.
4. Sponsors of the events hosted by the Institute will be awarded with discount coupons that are equivalent to 30% of the donation amount. If the sponsors or the donators want to register for classes or Institute's workshops, they will only be allowed to join when the tuition of the enrolled students sufficiently pay for the courses. Discount coupons can only be used by the awarded group, organization or individual.

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