Guideline and Mission of the Institute

Guideline (approach)
This institute is put together as a non-profit organization by law, the goal is to "promote the skills, knowledge and philosophy of Value Management and to build up a well established value management system to train and certify executive value management personal" and produce the biggest value and benefit when the government, private business, organizations or society utilize the institute’s resources.

Mission (strategy)
1.Promote knowledge, skills and philosophy of Value Management.
2.Develop a Value Management system to evaluate personals and the executing procedures.
3.Train each levels of executive value management personal, promote projects and endorse certifications.
4.Host and promote Value Management related Workshop.
5.Evaluate products' value and technical procedure and further certified and promote them.
6.Host and promote exhibition and presentation of value management related technology, products, and services.
7.Assist department or bureaus of government, private business, organization to promote value management events, individual training workshop and evaluate values of assigned projects.
8.Combine and introduce related value management information.
9.Assist members to participate in related value management events hosted by domestic or international organizations.
10.Any other value management related events.

Ways to operate the Institute
Although this institute is a non-profit organization, but resources are still needed to be able to operate. And in order for the members to involve more, they would have to be given reasonable resources or benefits during participated events, thus develop better thoughts and ideas that can benefit the society and create a well circulated relationship between them.

The Value Management Institute of Taiwan understands the importance of having a user friendly system, so every courses, standards or regulations are based on this "friendly" design. The ultimate goal is to create an automated self-managing environment that can help each participated members to become a certified experts in different fields of profession, so they can become a value management leader that helps creating a smoother process, and more profits for consigned organization and even benefits private business and government.

B2, No.11, Li Ming Rd., Shintien, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. TEL:886-2-2213-2820 FAX:886-2-2213-2362