Value Certificate

VS and CVS Certificate, are both certified by SAVE International and in the future, the SIA will authorize our Institute to certified. These certificates can be used internationally in many professional fields.

1.AVS-Associate Value Specialist
A.The Lecturer will be a Certified Value Specialist (CVS)
B.Complete 40 hours of the Module I courses of VM
C.Pass the first 3 tests from SAVE
2.CVS-Certified Value Specialist (CVS)
A.The advisor must be a Certified Value Specialist (CVS)
B.Complete courses of Module I and II
C.Complete at least 12 studies or 480 study hours
D.Study Value Methodology and Share Value Methodologies
E.Complete A 2500-5000 words of Paper
F.Apply through SAVE and pass all 7 tests from SAVE

Results: Since 2001, our Institute has hosted 26 workshops in three years, in 709 participants, 63 of them received the AVS International Certificate; We also accomplished 7studies; approximately cut down 3 hundred million dollar budget wise.

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