1. The Philosophy of Value
To understand and believe that VM/VE is systematic and use {Value} to analyze problems, thus reach a stage of improvement and creativity. Use the same amount of resources to produce extra value and through the sharing of Value to achieve a "Good circulation" for individuals and organizations.
2.Courses or Tools of Learning Value
When pass the test of the Systematic learning VE Module I course and prove understanding of the tools of Value and receive the certificate of Associate Value Specialist.
3.Value Certificate
Use the tools that learned from the VM/VE to participate in the research project that conducted by a Certified Value Specialist (CVS) and develop the ability to execute tasks during the research process. After a period of evaluation and research time, the candidate can apply the Certified Value Specialist certificate through tests and his or her thesis essay.
4.Value Standard
A well trained CVS will use the systematic way of Value to create a balance plan that would meet everybody's value standard.
5.Value Management
Combine value philosophy and value analysis with expert knowledge on management to smooth and strengthen the function and process of inner organization and thus produce superior value.
6.Value Operation
Use value philosophy and value analysis to improve the ability to observe and judge outer factor, then determine a system to operate an organization, goals and the development direction of the product, thus reach and widen the ultimate value of development spaces and time.
7.Cultural Philosophy
Develop a variety of value standards and use them as a daily life reference, thus become a business regulation and culture and a standard that individuals look up to on any kinds of business occasions.
8.Value Leader
The invisible business cultural philosophy can reflect on individuals and create leaders or leaderships that will represent the character of the business culture.

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