Brief Introduction of the Institute
Ever since the start of the 21st century, ways to operate a business has been changed from the hard work, diligence, technical oriented, to professional cooperation and integrate whole resources, the current situation has even evolved to create extra profits and values by using systematic knowledge. Traditional factory were focused more on the competition of the ability to produce, now they turn their focus to the competition of the creativity, traditional business usually care more about the market-share, however, the present market-share are no longer a definite advantage, the key to success is whether a business can produce quality products that favored by customers in a faster time. Other than having diligence, professional, business management, marketing, and resources management in the operating system, one still would need "Value Management" to win over the competitors. VM is a system that uses affective ways or procedures to analyze and improve every detail to achieve bigger values and profits. It also will develop a shared Cultural (Value) philosophy within teams and make them worked together to create the ultimate success.

The Formation of the Value Management Institute of Taiwan
The correct answer of where to start to create a stronger economy for our business or country is not from high-tech or microchip industry, it is from the mind of our citizen- "Value Management" is an important knowledge that combines systematic thinking with works and everyday life.

A group of "Value Engineering" colleagues thought that this kind of knowledge can influence the economic growth of the nation, business and individual, but without an adequate environment, they were not able to share this knowledge to help those who needed. After a period of preparation and promoting, this groups of people who shared a similar vision has managed to influence many others, their shared vision is to create an environment that can benefit the people of the society, business owners and the nation to create wealth and improve abilities and economy from the knowledge of the "Value Management" through promoting and sharing by an expert team and organization.

On the date of April 17th, 2000, this group of people officially formed the Value Management Institution of Taiwan on the approval of the Ministry of Interior. After 7 meetings of preparation, the Value Management Institution of Taiwan started their mission on February 25th of 2001.

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